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19 – 20 June 2019, Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait

Benchmarking for Best Practices
19 - 20 June 2019, Radisson Blu Hotel

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FIDIC Contract

The training course is designed to provide practical guidance to those who are involved in…

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معرض الكويت الأول للتطبيقات الإلكترونية

يعتبر معرض الكويت الأول للتطبيقات الإلكترونية المعرض الأول من نوعه في الكويت من ناحية احتضان المواهب المتخصصة…

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Spatial Conferences, Exhibitions and Seminars

To flourish in today’s uncertain, fast-moving, and competitive times, a successful workforce must be knowledgeable, well informed, and up to date with latest trends. Continuous improvement, education and awareness gained from professionally organized conferences allow workforce to excel and perform at the top of their game, keeping your organization, be it business, industry or government, relevant, progressive, adaptable and, most importantly, profitable.

To achieve this, it is essential to foster an environment of constant improvement by having a strong commitment to employee education and training. Spatial Conferences is a leading knowledge service provider based in Kuwait backed by 9 years of successful regional and global experience. Spatial Conferences team shares this commitment to training and education, and will do whatever it takes to make your professional development plans a reality, by offering world class conferences that provide:

Deep, technical content delivered by world class speakers.
Hands-on access to the latest technologies and techniques.
Unique networking opportunities with leading-edge technology and industry leaders.
Spatial expert team had accumulated many years of experience in managing prime events in the state of Kuwait, and have grown to become one of Kuwait’s largest and most respected Professional Conference Organizer and knowledge and skills transfer company through successful partnerships with great clients and suppliers plus basic hard work and dedication backed by a brilliant team.​

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